Social Responsibility

Skin Enrich®  is a caring company. We care about your health so we limit the use of chemical ingredients in our supplements. We care about your skin so we conduct research into collagen production and its benefits.

We also care about our planet.

We all have a duty to safeguard the Earth and its oceans, for its inhabitants and for future generations. So we’ve nominated two charities for our Social Responsibility Programme.

We donate a percentage of our profits to the following charities, to help give something back to the natural world that has so richly rewarded us:

– Marine Conservation Society: They ensure our oceans are protected and are pollution-free for wildlife and people

– Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew: Home of the world’s most diverse collection of living plants, and a botanical scientific research centre

– The Home Farm Project, ThGambia: Is an agricultural charity helping rural villages to produce sustainable, organic premaculture crops, help Gambian agrarian communities & encourage employment

So when you buy Skin Enrich®  supplements, you’re helping to safeguard our planet’s health as well as your own.

customer reviews

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I tried Skin Enrich Jointcare Collagen to relieve the soreness in my ankles and knees, whilst training for my first half marathon. It really helped my recovery after long runs, which I found quite punishing on these two areas in particular. Definitely recommended. January 30th, 2018.
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Skin Enrich Marine Collagen has been a dream come true. After 4 week of taking it, my skin is glowing and has become tighter as well. I highly recommend Skin Enrich products.

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