Collagen Peptides The Key To Smoother Skin

The health benefits of Collagen Peptides are vast! Fine lines and wrinkles are a key indicator of age and as such, wrinkle prevention is the primary aim of many consumers. A 12-week study conducted by Dermscan in France demonstrated that consumption of the Peptan ® collagen peptides contributes to a significant decrease in the number of microrelief furrows by 26%.  The trial also showed that Peptan ® F collagen peptides can help prevent deep wrinkle formation and increase skin suppleness. 

Anti-ageing hydration effect

Similarly in Japan, 33 women aged between 40 and 59 took part in an 8-week clinical study. Cutaneous hydration measurements were performed in this trial with a Corneometer® CM 825 to record the collagen peptides moisturising effect.  At the end of the trial, the Corneometer measurement found an increase in skin hydration of 28% for participants who had ingested collagen peptides. No increase was observed in the placebo group. The administration of Peptan® collagen peptides led to a direct increase in skin hydration in almost two thirds of the participants, demonstrating that a daily oral intake of Peptan® F collagen peptides can significantly improve skin dryness and its associated signs, supporting the statement that there are numerous health benefits of Collagen Peptides. 

91% of group volunteers increased skin hydration after 8 weeks 28% skin hydration increase

Skin restructuring in just one month

Collagen Extra ® marine works from the inside out to reverse the ageing process:

  • Cosderma 2012, clinical data, 106 women (publication in press)
  • Skin restructuring occurred in just one month
  • Confocal Laser & echography analysis of the deeper layers of dermis showed significant differences after taking Peptan ® F
    collagen peptides
  • Fragmentation decrease of 30% (restructuring of skin) Collagen density increase of 9% (boosting of skin)

The number of deep wrinkles significantly increases with the placebo between baseline and 12 weeks: +30% Study 2008 – A00654 – 51

Collagen fragmentation is a key indicator of skin aging!

Illustration of increased fragmentation of collagen with age (source ORION CONCEPT, Tours, France)

Peptan® decreases collagen fragmentation

Documenting Peptan® efficacy in placebo controlled Clinical studies

Health benefits of collagen peptides - SkinEnrich

Density of collagen network significantly increases in just 28 days for Peptan F with no change for placebo group. Cosderma France, 2012

Multiple skin benefits scientifically documented

Decreased collagen fragmentation in dermis

  • Increase in collagen density in dermis
  • Increase in skin moisture level
  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Improved skin smoothness, -reduced number of micro-relief furrows
  • Prevention of  the formation of deep wrinkles

 Skin’s collagen is boosted from the inside, providing visual anti-age benefits on the outside!

All these clinical studies have come to one conclusion:

Health benefits of Collagen Peptides is a scientifically proven natural bioactive ingredient, that improves skin. 

  • dermis moisture level,
  • collagen structure & density
  • and prevents skin aging

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I tried Skin Enrich Jointcare Collagen to relieve the soreness in my ankles and knees, whilst training for my first half marathon. It really helped my recovery after long runs, which I found quite punishing on these two areas in particular. Definitely recommended. January 30th, 2018.
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Skin Enrich Marine Collagen has been a dream come true. After 4 week of taking it, my skin is glowing and has become tighter as well. I highly recommend Skin Enrich products.

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